Bothered by Telephone Salespeople?  Dinner time interrupted?  How does it make you feel about the people who call you?  Would you be surprised if I told you that Jesus loves them as much as He loves you.  Maybe Jesus had them call your phone number because He wanted YOU to tell them how much He Loves them!

Make a promise to yourself that you will never be too busy for the people Jesus sends you to share His love.

Card Back

How you might witness to a Telephone Salesperson:
Before they get into their prepared sales pitch to you...tell them you'll be happy to listen to them if they would listen to you first.  Then begin by saying something to them like this:
I'm so blessed you called to give me the opportunity to tell you how much Jesus Loves you!  I'm sure He put my phone number on your list just so you would know.
Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior or are you still thinking about it?
1) Great, when were you born-again?  Wonderful!
2) No...not yet? What do you think is keeping you from accepting His wonderful plan for your life?
May I pray for you to have success with your sales calls?
If yes...add your prayers for them and pray their heart would be open to our Lord.