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Praying for the unsaved

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Daily prayer for the people in our lives who are still unsaved becomes easier to remember when we have a physical reminder.  Reading the meanings of their names gives added support to see the Godly plan for each of them unfold.

We printed the cards using the merge feature of  Microsoft Publisher producing ten different names on a single sheet of preprinted business card stock.
You can select from a large number of business card designs from companies like
Paper Direct, Geographics and
Avery.  Check your local Office Supply.

After printing consider getting the cards laminated at a quickprint shop to add quality and durability.  The cost for this service will vary from $.40 to $1.50 per sheet depending on the quantity of sheets being laminated.  After laminating, cut the ten cards apart using a sharp matte knife and metal straight edge (watch your fingers).

Equipping the Saints at your church.
Let your pastor know that you would like to be a blessing to your brother and sisters at church.  He should be delighted to get more assistance with Equipping the Saints to do the work of the Lord.  Ask your pastor if he would make an announcement to let the church know about your personal card making services.  With his excitement he will encourage you to be a blessing.
You will also need to supply the church with a form to fill out:  "Ten Most Wanted by God"
Weekly have your church pray for the unsaved on their "Most Wanted" list and encourage each member to pray daily for their friends and loved ones using the Prayer Cards as a reminder.