Ray and Kassie met through the Internet in 1998 at Christian Connection Matchmaker. Both had been single for many years. Through walking with the Lord, they each found healing, deliverance and a focus through the Holy Spirit; to first seek the Lord and His Kingdom, knowing that all the desires of their hearts would one day be met.

Without hesitation after reading Ray’s personal profile and website, Kassie contacted Ray by email to encourage him on with his work for the Lord. She was very excited to find so many interests alike. Ray also was very delighted about what he read on Kassie's essay regarding her art and cooking talents plus being an entrepreneur herself along with a long list of other matching interests.

The Lord had already put things in place for them to meet. Ray had plans to fly from Vista CA. for a trip east to visit friends and his daughter...and since he was there, set up a wonderful dinner date at the world famous, beautiful Grove Park Inn above Ashville NC.

Kassie posted her notes to keep you informed on the past few years. Check out her comments.

The summer is great for all the tourists but we look for opportunities to leave our little beach community and head for some cooler places.  July of 2002 we spent touring Austria and Switzerland.  Kassie and I had a fantastic time and memories to last a lifetime.

June of 2004 our Lord directed our steps in helping us find and finance a perfect home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Just a mile from the beautiful Emerald coast white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.


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