Links recommend by Ray and Kassie:

Our home church. Pastor Steve Vaggalis and his wife Jackie are a true blessings for the Lord.  If you have a chance visit them on the web.
Dr. Kelly Segraves has a great website and lots of FREE downloadable books.  He has written over 75 books and I was blessed to help produce, the video; "Without Excuse."  Don't miss "As by Fire" if you want your heart to understand HIS.  
    Frank Smith, my friend and dear brother who's love of our Lord and Savior has let Christ's love shine brightly through his life and introduced many, many lost lives to our Beloved Father.  
    The Lord has Cody Smith doing a blessed work in Mexico. Make sure you request your copy of Cody's Extreme Discipleship Web-zine when you visit his website.  
Dr. Bill Hamon has a Holy Ghost inspired masterpiece with his new book, DAY of the SAINTS.  If you don't know about the saints movement and marketplace ministry, it's the reason the Holy Spirit has you reading this right now.
    They take in computers people don't want anymore, clean them up, test hardware, mix and match parts, load them up with our own Christian Lubuntu ReSpin and give them away to whomever asks.